Salty Series #6: Creating Intentional Habits

Salty Series #6: Creating Intentional Habits


Achieving your goals isn't always as simple as setting them, and breaking them into smaller tasks. You've got to get intentional and realistic with your existing lifestyle and routine to see what might be holding you back, and what can propel you forward. 

In comes, TinyHabits - the idea that by creating very minute habits within our lives, we can make very big changes. 

We talked about: 

+ Experimenting with our goals
+ Becoming more self-aware, and how
+ Setting the tiniest of habits
+ Staying positive
+ Being curious
+ Knowing what's your focus, and what isn't

Throughout this ebook you'll hear the exact conversation we had, including insights from our guests, inspirational quotes, and our top takeaways from the evening. It's like you were there with us!

The Salty Series is a monthly panel talk or workshop through which we aim to educate, inspire and connect - allowing everyone and anyone to better understand brand & web design, and the strategy behind it. 

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